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Tom Corizzi


    Not Born a Bully by [Corizzi, Tom]


Not Born a Bully

For the Kindle 


Starting high school is never easy but should be easier when the school has a "No Bullying" policy. Unless, of course, the bully is the mayorís son and the mayor, a bully in his own right, ignores his sonís behavior. It is said that the only way to defeat a bully is to stand up to them, which is what freshman Ben Labrizzi does. Ben attempts to protect his new friends from Bill, the mayors son, who learned how to intimidate his classmates by watching his father. But, in doing so, Ben attracts the attention of the mayor who develops a personal vendetta against him. Luckily for Ben, he has a father who has personal experience with bullies.

Not Born a Bully is about the relationship between the bullies and their victims. It is also about those who believe in standing up to bullies and defending those who cannot standup for themselves, but also, more importantly, it is about the relationship between fathers and sons.


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Southernmost Point 




Rich Labrizzi moves to Key West to simplify his life. In Key West he spends his days working as a scuba instructor and his nights as a barroom preacher. Through a series of events, he learns that he and a good friend may be working for a drug smuggler. He starts to investigate only to have the DEA warn him off and tell him to leave Key West. Rich leaves, but while driving to Miami, he learns that his friendís daughter has been kidnapped. Suspecting that the drug smuggler is involved, Rich decides to turn back and help his friend. Using resources and skills only a few know he possesses, Rich helps save the little girl and provide the evidence the DEA needs to close down the drug operation.


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The Man with the Needles 





Tony Lores, a former army sniper and martial arts expert, is called back into service by his former lieutenant to help avert a terrorist attack on the new Freedom Tower. During the investigation, four members of his team disappear. Knowing he must stop the attack he recruits help, not even his former lieutenant knows about.


All Girls are Sacred 





Rich Labrizzi, a major contributor to an organization that rescues victims of human trafficking, is challenged to go to Cambodia where the organization functions to prove they are doing what they claim. During his trip he witnesses young women rescued from a brothel where they were forced to work. But during the celebration, four of the girls are kidnapped. With the police refusing to help, Rich decides to attempt a rescue of his own. Calling for help from his three closest friends, Rich fights against powerful men to rescue the young women before they become victims.