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Tom Corizzi

Tom Corizzi is the author of "Not Born a Bully", "Southernmost Point", "The Man with the Needles", "All Girls are Sacred" and was a contributing author to the "Ultimate Martial Arts Encyclopedia".

He has had the opportunity to work in many different professions. In his mid fifties, he still says, “I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.”

Tom was born and raised in Northern New Jersey where he lives today. He was a practicing Chiropractor for twenty years. He owned his own Jujitsu school, the Kamekan Dojo, for ten years and produced and sold instructional tapes and DVD’s. Tom’s first published works were articles for several martial art magazines, including “Inside Karate” and “Black Belt”. His most recent career has been in the world of computers as a trainer and system analyst.

Tom was one of the first to produce an Ezine, The MAFreeway. An online Martial Arts Magazine that featured monthly articles submitted by experts covering all styles. The MAFreeway also provided the Kamekan Dojo manual available on this site.

He is an avid scuba diver and enjoys traveling to the Caribbean and the Florida Keys, most especially, Key West.

Tom has a strong belief in God. He was raised Catholic, but spent five years as an Elder in a Reformed Church where he would occasionally preach. Even so, he considers himself to be “spiritual and faithful” not “religious”.  He believes it is important to give to those less fortunate and thus created a web site, theyneedyourhelp.com with suggested organizations with great reputations.

Favorite Quote: "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans."